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The Berlin “Innovation Lab” as the first of three, the others will be placed in London and Silicon Valley, allows staff from the Bank and its technological partners to engage with start-ups and academic institutions to evaluate potential technology solutions for the Bank and its clients’ business needs. They will then trial and develop this technology further in the labs, collaborating with clients where appropriate, to enhance its products, services and processes.

The space, 600sqm of multi-functional event and office area, is positioned in the lively heart of Berlin within a well-known listed building complex, the “Hackesche Höfe”. It was designed to provide most different workshop-, office-, event- or laboratory-scenarios. Therefore we gut the interior, generated an open space with good acoustic and technical conditions and equipped it with several movable/modifiable tailor-made elements such as a parade of revolving shelves, a stage convertible to a focus room via movable curved glass-separations, benches of castors with brakes, felt-curtains across the space, all designed to provide various instruments to utilise the space as ever imaginable. Doing so we payed close attention to a particiular but uniform design of furniture and construction, matching the characteristic of the exeptional building.