St. Alfons Housing


Competition for new Housing, Church Community Centre and Kindergarten

The proposed row-houses are grouped around a central social pedestrian street. Houses of 2 ½ stories are optimal for site organization and the allowable buildable area. Designing with the natural slope of the site and staggering the houses creates individual entry courtyards and terraces while the plan of the houses takes advantage of south and west daylighting and the resultant views to protected nature areas.

Community Centre
The revitalized building becomes a centre for the parish community within the existing historical façade. The proposal is economically reasonable and energy efficient. The main hall on the second floor is reconstructed as a modern thermal shell within the existing structure, with circulation and support spaces located in-between the existing and new. In this manner intervention with the historical building character is minimized.

The new 2-story kindergarten is functionally and ecologically planned, with every interior children group room provided direct access to a secure outdoor play area.
The kindergarten spaces for larger group activities are placed along the church forecourt and could be combined with uses for the community centre. Parents could have a café as meeting point for evenings or when picking up their children, increasing the community atmosphere.

Wall-fragment of old Kindergarten
The low wall fragment retains the historical relationship and character of the Church forecourt. It acts as an organizing element in the sequence connecting the public green spaces leading from street entry to the protected green corridor to the west of the competition boundary. The wall is simultaneously the boundary to the church forecourt and remoulded as a filter to the other public uses of the site.

Design: 2012