ESOC Masterplan - Darmstadt

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Awarded 2nd Place

Urban strategy
The site of the ESOC is beautifully located on the edge of a forest, yet directly in the city of Darmstadt; it is the gateway from a higly urbanized area to a protected forest. The current campus of ESOC has been up until now built and expanded in an ad hoc manner, without connectivity or relationship among buildings, and it lacks a clear plan for future expansion. What the team has endeavoured to design is a unifying identity and evolution strategy for the campus. Callisto, is the inspiration for the new campus morphology. Counteracting the square and rectangular shapes currently present, Callisto creates a superimposed moonscape onto the campus, creating a clear identity for the ESOC. The team’s proposal for the Callisto masterplan is also inspired by the relationship between the campus and the forest, and so brings the forest into the site, with the site opening up to the forest. The masterplan evolution strategy defines the curvilinear open spaces rather than the shape of the building mass. These empty spaces form the central areas, like city squares, around which future buildings will be organised.

Campus expansion of 10,200 sqm
with 2,400 sqm conference and visitors centre,
new 1,600 sqm canteen,
relocation of logistics center,
office buildings of 4,900 sqm and 1,300 sqm,
parking with 200 places and the plans for future expansion,

Mecanoo - design team leader
West8 - landscape
Büro Happold - structural, building physics- sustainability
AUKETT+HEESE - local partner
Chandler KBS – costs

Design: 2009