Zeil 123 Feasibility Study - Frankfurt

Zeil 123_01 Fassade
Zeil 123_01 Fassadenvarianten
Zeil 123_02 Fotos Bestand
Zeil 123_03 Varianten

AUKETT+HEESE was commissioned to establish a feasibility study for the optimization of the retail space in the building at Zeil 123 on the main shopping mile in Frankfurt. The space was previously used by a single tenant in the ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor with storage in the basement.

AUKETT+HEESE developed several variations for new use with rough cost estimates. Possible divisions of the retail space were analyzed, as well as an expansion of retail to the basement. Furthermore it was suggested to replace the old façade to accent the prominent location of the retail space and to develop a new strong urban identity.

Preparation: March 2007