Townhomes - Dreieich-Buchschlag

Wohnhäuser Dreieich_01 Ansichten
Wohnhäuser Dreieich_02 Grundrisse

AUKETT+HEESE designed a group of modern Townhomes with different-sized apartments over several storeys. The houses are situated in a quiet green residential area.

The apartments are sized from 70-240 sqm and conceived as open spaces with flexible partitioning. The entry access is situated along the side of the buildings and serves as a buffer, thus allowing the living spaces to open towards the green surroundings.

The living rooms are situated on the raised ground floor and the private spaces on the storeys above, with a full basement below. The different levels are interconnected by open staircases. Large terrace areas and interesting façades distribute light and shade into the interior spaces.

Design: 2007