Goodman Business Park - Düsseldorf

Goodman_01 Masterplan
Goodman_02 Schnitt
Goodman_03 Detailschnitt
Goodman_04 B-Plan

Goodman International is developing a "Business-park" along the Theodorstrasse in Düsseldorf, offering contemporary flexible office and light industrial space supported by the provision of services to the occupiers in a landscaped environment.

The office park consists of 13 multi-storey office buildings, arranged around an oval green centre. The site comprises three parts, with five-storey-high buildings to the west, along the motorway, four-storey-high buildings to the east, adjacent to the existing biotope areas and one higher building to the north. The central landscaped area allows for a two-storey building providing on-site services (catering, conference centre, kiosk).

The loose, but in the urban context perceivable oval arrangement of the buildings, the green open spaces and the neighbourhood to the existing wooded areas create the character of a park. The biotope areas are integrated into the master planning and remain protected to a large extent.

The business park is expected to be developed over a number of phases.

GFA: 110,000 sqm